Journey to Freedom

Starts 9 July 2022

Family Support Programme

We know that loved ones of those suffering from addiction need support almost as much as the sufferers themselves. The Cedars offers a unique Family Support Programme to facilitate this. Family members become frustrated with a repetitive cycle where the abnormal has become normal – leading to feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and desperation.

Often the first step to a solution for all concerned is an understanding of the disease of addiction and a concrete plan of action for the family and the addict.  The Journey to Freedom series provides just that!

These sessions are also ideal for professionals, or anyone who may be interested in learning more about addiction and addiction treatment.


Modules and costs

The course consists of 8 two-hour sessions, alternatively on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. This programme runs from 9 July to 27th August 2022. R450-00 per person per session or R3 000-00 upfront for all 8 sessions, a R600 saving.

1- 9 July


Addiction Theory 1

  • Is it an illness or a choice?
  • Characteristics and symptoms.
  • Criteria for abuse, dependence and addiction.
  • Types of abused drugs.
  • Drug use stages.
  • Treatment options.

2 - 16th July


Addiction Theory 2

  • Stages of Change Model.
  • Detoxification.
  • Recovery options for the addict.
  • Stages of Recovery.
  • Tools and solutions for sustainable recovery.

23rd July


Family Illness

  • Why is addiction a family illness?
  • Common symptoms and effects on the family unit.
  • Am I affected if I don’t abuse substances?
  • Tools and support structures for the family.

To best understand Addiction Theory, it is strongly suggested to attend Session 1 and 2 of the series.

27th July



  • Do you put the needs of others over your own personal needs?
  • Do you put all your energy in to helping others?
  • Are you consumed with getting the addict or alcoholic to stop drinking or using drugs?

3rd August



  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Identify specific communication problems.

13th August



  • Do I enable?
  • Why is enabling harmful to an addict or alcoholic?
  • How do I stop enabling?

17th August 



  • What is a boundary?
  • Symptoms of ignored boundaries.
  • Healthy boundary setting.
  • Benefits of boundary setting.
  • Tools and guidelines for setting effective boundaries

27th August



  • What is detachment and why is it so difficult to apply to the addict or alcoholic?
  • How to not create or react to a crisis.
  • Recognise and stop enabling behaviour.
  • Learn how to prioritise your own needs.

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Please fill in your details below. Zoom links will be sent to you based on the modules you select. The course runs from 9th July to 27th August. R450-00 per person per session or R3 000-00 upfront for all 8 sessions, a R600 saving.

    Addiction Theory One - R450
    Addiction Theory Two - R450
    Family Illness - R450
    Co-Dependency - R450
    Communication - R450
    Enabling - R450
    Boundaries - R450
    Detachment - R450

    We offer a discounted bundle price on the full package below, a R600 saving.

    All 8 courses as above - R3000

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    I was in denial for many years and did not realize the impact that addiction had on my life until I signed up for the ‘Empowering Change’ workshop series. What an eye opener!
    The workshop and the family counsellors have literally saved my life. I already feel I am a better version of myself and I am looking forward to so much more healing.
    The online series has had a profound effect on my life. I have grown tremendously – mentally, physically and spiritually. Attending this online series has been an incredible experience. Eye-opening and liberating.