Our mission is to deliver global best practice standards of treatment, the highest quality and integrity of practitioners & holistic care that caters for the physical, mental and emotional needs of our clients.

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Our Story

Keith Wilkes, founder of The Cedars, spent the better part of his 36 years in sobriety within the addiction services industry. This vital experience helped sculpt Keith’s vision: a 12-Step based multi-disciplinary approach to addiction treatment that would impact the lives of inpatients and their families.
Beckoned by the sights and sounds of Africa, Keith and his partner, Julia, left the UK for a trip to South Africa in 2002 and it was there that they discovered the setting in which his vision would become reality. Keith and Julia came to view The Cedars Estate in Scottburgh, Kwazulu-Natal. They were instantly struck by its grand beauty and its tranquil atmosphere, offering the spaciousness, peace and sense of safety that they knew would encourage personal recovery and transformation.
Today, The Cedars has played an integral role in the recovery of hundreds of people and has grown to include three beautiful facilities around the country.

The cedars group

The Cedars is a boutique group of addiction and mental health treatment facilities where every client gets the individual help he or she needs.
Our tranquil, private locations around South Africa are staffed by a leading team of multi-disciplinary specialists, each with a personal journey in recovery and a genuine desire to heal.
The Cedars’ internationally lauded programme focuses strongly on the 12-Step recovery process and relapse prevention, providing unparalleled individual, group and family support.
Wholly equipped with the tools required to sustain their recovery, Cedars’ clients leave our facilities with life-long connections, hope and self-worth reignited, empowered to rebuild a life of meaning.

Our philosophy

At The Cedars, we believe that taking ownership opens doors.

When we have the courage to be vulnerable,
To face our innermost demons and let ourselves be seen
When we gift true forgiveness of self and others
Transforming lapses into lessons And owning our worth

It is then that we can embrace the power of recovery.

our approach

Every facet of The Cedars’ treatment programme is recovery orientated. We don’t believe in a generic fix for addiction and pride ourselves on offering personalised solutions for each of our client’s unique challenges. We focus deeply on a client’s personal ecosystem, helping to provide understanding and healing with self and with loved ones.

We pride ourselves on delivering a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures a range of best-practice skill sets are on offer to our clients. Many of our staff members have been through our programme, modelling the power of its impact and offering our clients unprecedented empathy and “proof of concept.”

We believe in rigorous adherence to the 12-Step program and a commitment to holistic wellbeing. We ensure our clients’ mental, emotional and physical needs are prioritised while in our care, and equipping them with the tools to sustain this lifestyle independently of their Cedars’ experience.

12-Steps to Recovery

The Cedars’ rehabilitation and recovery ethos is based on the globally endorsed 12-Step programme, a set of guiding principles that outline a course of action for recovery from all mind-and-mood altering substances and other compulsive behaviours. Once stabilized, each client is is encouraged to complete each Step thoroughly and given the opportunity to action what they have learned in a safe and controlled environment. The Steps help our clients learn coping mechanisms for life out of treatment – allowing them to become responsible and tackle life with renewed courage, hope, and purpose.

multi-disciplinary expertise

In line with best-practice addiction treatment, The Cedars delivers a unique multi-disciplinary approach, making sure that a range of essential skill sets are on offer to our clients. A medical examination is conducted by our medical doctor and if necessary, stabilisation medication administered by our nursing team. Our 12-Step programme is augmented through a combination of therapeutic clinical models including:







Cognitive &
Behavioural Therapy

a holistic lifestyle approach

We believe that recovery requires conscious focus on holistic wellbeing – ensuring that our clients’ mental, emotional and physical needs are prioritised daily. With that in mind, we offer the following as part of The Cedars’ programme:

what we stand for


Take Ownership

We believe that taking ownership opens doors. By teaching the tenets of accountability, we help our clients heal their relationships with self and other.

We Get You

Many of our staff are in recovery after completing the Cedars programme. They are our living proof of concept, modelling the power of our unique approach.

Medication Plays a Role

We believe that medication can play an important role in stabilising acute withdrawal symptoms, but requires careful management to prevent ongoing dependency.

Passion & Care

We are passionate about creating the most effective treatment centre locally and abroad. This reflects in the premium calibre of care received at The Cedars.

Create Connection

A supportive ecosystem is essential to sustainable recovery. We focus on helping our clients build and rebuild relationships underpinned by understanding and trust.

Start from Scratch

We don’t believe in a blanket approach to recovery. Here each client’s story has a place, with a tailormade programme curated for his or her needs.

The Cedars Group is registered with the following organisations:

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