Drugs Addictions Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

The Cedars Treatment Facilities offers comprehensive and effective multi-disciplinary addiction treatment to clients from South Africa and all over the world. Since 2002, we have helped people make positive and long-lasting life changes in a healing, safe therapeutic environment.

People that suffer from addiction and other mental health issues create a challenging situation for themselves and for those around them. This includes an inability to refrain from substance use or engaging in risky, compulsive behaviours. Many of this description are unable to stop, do not want to stop or do not know how to stop.

Our proven addiction treatment programme is multi-faceted, with a strong focus on the 12-Steps and relapse prevention. It’s person-driven and includes top-tier medical care, detoxification, cognitive behavioural techniques, group therapy, one-on-one counselling, yoga under the trees, fun excursions and a healthy, delicious diet.

Our staff complement is compassionate, caring and capable. We have years of experience in helping people deal with all types of Behavioural addictions. Because when it comes to our clients, the truth is a necessity, but unbearable without love.

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How To Choose The Best Treatment Center

If you have decided that you, or a loved one, requires an addict rehabilitation centre, the next decision to make is which one to go to. South Africa has many respected rehab clinics and rehabilitation centres to choose from. It is best to do your research and have a look at the treatment centres available to you.

You’ll probably want to go with an addict rehabilitation centre that is within your region. The center should align with your values and be something that you can afford. When choosing a rehab clinic, you should ask as many questions as possible so you can prepare yourself, or help prepare your loved one. Ask questions about the qualifications of the facilitators, the nutritional program, and the types of activities and therapies which are available for patients.

At The Cedars, we have two fantastic treatment centres; our Midlands Recovery Center and our South Coast Recovery Center. We truly believe that The Cedars is one of the very best rehab clinics in South Africa. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our programs and facilities.

Affordable Drug Rehab Services Within Your Budget

At The Cedars, we understand that a deterring factor for many substance abusers when seeking help is the price of drug rehab counselling and drug rehabilitation centres. This is why we have aimed to keep our prices affordable, and offer a few different payment plans so that our services are accessible to those who need them.

We offer affordable drug rehab services in the Midlands and on the South Coast.

Are you or a loved one suffering from drug addiction or substance abuse? We know that taking the initial step towards recovery can be daunting. Feel free to call our friendly team to discuss how we can get you on the road to recovery.