Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa

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A Personalised Approach

The Cedars rehabilitation centres is a boutique group of addiction and mental health treatment facilities where every client gets the individual help he or she needs. Our rehabilitation centres are in tranquil, private locations around South Africa and are staffed by a leading team of multi-disciplinary specialists, many with a personal journey in recovery and a genuine desire to heal.


Our Programme

The Cedars’ internationally lauded programme focuses strongly on the 12-Step recovery process and relapse prevention, providing unparalleled individual, group and family support.

Our Results

Wholly equipped with the tools required to sustain their recovery, Cedars’ clients leave our facilities with life-long connections, hope and self-worth reignited, empowered to rebuild a life filled with meaning.

Our Team

We’re a community of highly qualified and motivated specialists. In addition to our decades of experience, we have a genuine desire to help and uplift those suffering with addiction.

Reclaim Your Life With The Cedars — A Leading Rehabilitation Centre In South Africa

Take the first step toward healing and renewal at The Cedars, a established rehabilitation centre in South Africa. We extend a compassionate hand to those grappling with addiction, offering personalised programs that inspire hope for a brighter tomorrow. At The Cedars, recovery is not just a destination, but a transformative journey towards a life unburdened by the shackles of addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab centre in South Africa programs include drug rehabilitation and alcohol recovery. Whether you need a mental well-being rehab, an alcohol recovery centre, a drug rehab centre, or a place where you can abstain safely from substances in South Africa, The Cedars is here to help you.

Alcohol Rehab In South Africa: Tailored Rehabilitation For A Holistic Recovery

Experience a personalised approach to rehabilitation at The Cedars, where our dedicated team understands that every individual’s struggle with addiction is unique. Our rehab centres in South Africa focus on comprehensive healing that encompasses the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of life in recovery. Through evidence-based practices, we guide individuals towards lasting change, fostering resilience and self-discovery as they embrace a more purposeful future for themselves.

Explore the possibilities of recovery with our specialised programs, including alcohol detox rehab and drug rehab facility. Our commitment is to empower you to overcome addiction, laying the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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Decades of experience operating renowned addiction facilities


In-house support for families and loved ones


Individual focus over dual diagnosis


A best-practice, proven model for recovery


Post-treatment support to ensure sustained recovery


Beautiful, tranquil facilities immersed in nature


Lifestyle focus on healthy food, exercise and excursions


International travel concierge for overseas clients

Costs & medical aid partners

One of the major concerns for those entering rehab programmes is the cost. At The Cedars, we believe that addiction always costs more than treatment. That’s why we’ve made a concerted effort to keep our prices affordable for our clients.

We offer different payment options so that our services are accessible to those who need them. We work with most
medical aids to cover the cost of addiction and substance abuse treatment, providing clients with the best care
without the additional stress of burdensome costs.


Private Serenity For Confidential Recovery

At The Cedars, you can escape to a place of tranquillity and discretion. Our private rehab centres in South Africa give you the personal space you need to find yourself and focus on recovery without external pressures.  

Our alcohol rehabilitation centre and drug rehabilitation centre serves as a discreet retreat where individuals engage in therapeutic activities, group sessions, and confidential counselling. With a commitment to privacy, The Cedars ensures that your journey towards recovery is both peaceful and supported.

Empowering Through Relapse Prevention And Counselling

The Cedars goes beyond immediate recovery, offering a sustained approach to sobriety. Our collaborative team crafts personalised relapse prevention plans, empowering individuals with strategies to navigate the challenges of daily life post-rehabilitation.

In addition to our acclaimed programs, we provide specialised drugs counselling to address the root causes of addiction. Through counselling and unwavering support, individuals gain insights and coping mechanisms to establish a foundation for a resilient, enduring recovery.

Get In Touch With Our Compassionate Team

If you or a loved one is seeking a path to recovery, reach out to our dedicated team. Your first step towards a brighter future starts with The Cedars, where you can rediscover hope and embrace lasting change. 

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