The Cedars Treatment Facilities offers comprehensive and effective multi-disciplinary addiction treatment to clients from South Africa and all over the world. Since 2002, we have helped people make positive and long-lasting life changes in a healing, safe therapeutic environment.

People that suffer from addiction and other mental health issues create a challenging situation for themselves and for those around them. This includes an inability to refrain from substance use or engaging in risky, compulsive behaviours. Many of this description are unable to stop, do not want to stop or do not know how to stop.

Our proven addiction treatment programme is multi-faceted, with a strong focus on the 12-Steps and relapse prevention. It’s person-driven and includes top-tier medical care, detoxification, cognitive behavioural techniques, group therapy, one-on-one counselling, yoga under the trees, fun excursions and a healthy, delicious diet.

Our staff complement is compassionate, caring and capable. We have years of experience in helping people deal with all types of addictions. Because when it comes to our clients, the truth is a necessity, but unbearable without love.

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