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our admission process

Admission to any of The Cedars facilities can be completed in 4 easy steps

Step 1 - Call Us or Let Us Call You

Get in touch with one of our addiction treatment professionals via phone or email – you can also leave your details via the form below and we’ll contact you back with pleasure.

Step 2 - Pre-Admission Discussion

A Cedars representative will conduct a pre-assessment to establish the treatment plan and optimal facility required for you or a loved one.

Step 3 - Application Approval

Once admission has been confirmed, we will clear your funding arrangements and finalise the paperwork with your medical aid. Clients not covered by medical aid will be given a treatment quotation.

Step 4 - Prepare for Admission

You’ll need to pack comfortable clothing and walking shoes – please refer to our Packing List under the FAQs. We can also assist with international travel arrangements if required.

medical aid cover

One of the major concerns for those entering rehab programmes is the cost. At The Cedars, we have made a concerted effort to keep our prices affordable, and offer a few different payment options so that our services are accessible to those who need them.

We also work with most major medical aids to cover the cost
of addiction and substance abuse treatment. If you are a medical aid or hospital plan member, let us help you explore your options. We believe that in the end, addiction always costs more than treatment.

Members of a medical aid or hospital plan may be covered for up to 28 days of addiction treatment, subject to the terms and conditions of the medical aid provider. If you opt to pay in any case, we will require a transfer of funds prior to admission.

In order to apply for medical aid cover, kindly download the form below so that we can apply for pre-authorisation for your admission to treatment. You are under no obligation to proceed with the admission and your information will remain confidential at all times.

Our medical aid partners


international travel arrangements

The Cedars addiction treatment facilities regularly host international clients who are seeking treatment of the highest quality in an affordable and anonymous environment. Many of these clients have attempted recovery in their own country but may have struggled with the proximity to their normal environment, and in many cases, their families and loved ones.
The Cedars facilities offer a tranquil, completely removed environment for clients to focus purely on their recovery. The natural beauty, warmth and affordability of South Africa make it a sought-after destination for many individuals seeking a meaningful solution to their addiction.
We have a dedicated travel agent who can facilitate your flight, visa and transfer requirements seamlessly, removing this additional burden from your or your loved one’s plate.
Let us help you start your journey to recovery.

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