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Addiction Treatment Consultation

Book a free 30 minute no obligation consultation via zoom or phone call

Whether you’re interested in treatment for yourself or are concerned about a loved one - we want to help.

Please fill in the form below and then choose a date and time for your session. You will be sent a link for a short information form to fill in that will help us give you the most value during your call.

Book a free 30 minute no obligation consultation via zoom or phone call

What the session covers

The session will be treated with confidentiality and will cover:

• A detailed understanding of your situation
• Addiction treatment options
• Family support programmes
• Primary, secondary and tertiary care options
• Logistics of admission
• Payment and medical aid options

At The Cedars, we are committed to your privacy.

Our addiction treatment professionals are bound by the same
confidentiality requirements as all medical professionals.

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    What to Expect


    A deeper undestanding of what’s actually going on in the family and with the addiction sufferer.

    A Way Forward

    Practical steps on how to resolve the situation, whether it’s an immediate crises or an ongoing decline.


    What can the family and the addiction sufferer expect from treatment.

    What Clients Say

    I learnt practical tools which I can apply in my everyday life. Once I understood the truth of the illness, I felt liberated and began to see my daughter in a totally different way, loving her for who she is but hating the disease. I have so much hope, not only for my daughter, but for myself and others that are in similar situations.


    My addiction controlled my thinking so much even though I knew I had a problem. I realized I needed the help, and I finally found it, I became ready to admit the one thing I’ve always been afraid to admit, the fact that I have failed to use the way that I’ve always wanted to. I didn’t really have fun like I fantasized.


    When I was on the brink of suicide something reminded me of The Cedars and how I saw the evidence that there is a solution. I just needed to reach out and ask for help. That same day, I called The Cedars and then I was on a flight. When I landed I was taken to the house on the hill where my journey truly began.