What Factors Play a Role in Teen Substance Abuse?

By  The Cedars 

To fill a void or combat boredom.

One of the most common reasons behind substance abuse in teenhood is boredom.  When there seems to be nothing else to do for fun, it’s easy to find that entertainment by drinking or doing drugs.

To create a sense of belonging 

Teens may turn to substance abuse to help them feel like they fit in. Experimenting with new substances is fairly common at this age.

To numb emotional pain

Many people use drugs and alcohol as a way to distract themselves from their reality. 

To rebel

Sometimes, teens start using substances as a form of rebellion, to prove they aren’t a child anymore, or to try and state their general independence. 

To create a sense of likeness

Much like trying to fit in at school, teens may also be influenced by those they look up to outside of their education environment.

To satisfy their curiosity

Teenage substance abuse could also occur simply out of curiosity. They might use drugs or alcohol only a handful of times so that they can feel what they feel like, with the plan to then never touch them again.