Treatment Phases

Treatment Phases

This is a guideline to the phases that comprise our individualised treatment plans.

Primary Assessment – This initial treatment phase forms the foundation of our highly effective addiction treatment program.

After a physical health assessment, a customised detoxification plan will be drawn up by our medical doctor and nurse to help clients abstain from substances safely and comfortably. The client is welcomed by the therapeutic community. The clinical supervisor assigns a counsellor for one-on-one counselling and the start of the program – 12 Steps, sessions with the psychologist, various forms of group therapy, a healthy diet, and mild exercise.

Secondary phase – During this phase our clients collaborate with their counsellor and the psychologist and put action into recovery skills and long-term behavioural change.

At this point the client will have been made aware of the reality of their situation and the behavioural defects that cause substance abuse and other manifestations of compulsive or dishonest behaviour like gambling, lying and stealing. Client and counsellor address attitudes, behaviours and beliefs whilst progressing through the written 12 Step program and employing CBT techniques to encourage change.

Tertiary phase – During this final phase, our clients have a chance to maintaining their life in recovery, learn about relapse prevention, and reintegration into society.

Counsellors help the client prepare for a return to employment and family life. Important choices may need to be made that are most beneficial to sustaining long-term recovery. It’s also an opportunity for the client to take up a senior role in the therapeutic community, explore employment options and resolve any persisting behavioural issues in the safest possible environment.