What Makes Us Different?

Everything about our serene rehab centre on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal is structured towards a fresh beginning in the lives of every client. The Cedars have an interesting history, the original building is over a century old, although it has been modernised and added to over the years. Located in a beautiful, biologically-rich area, clients experience the sights and sounds of a diverse selection of bird and animal life. Each and every day brings a new challenge!

Our program is designed to be truly thought-provoking, effective and a catalyst for real and lasting behavioural change. We also make our clients’ treatment stay as exciting as possible, taking part in various team building challenges, excursions to 12 Step meetings, regular exercise, good food and most of all an opportunity to create platonic, recovery-orientated friendships. Our wish for every client is a new adventure and hopefully, a new way of life!

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