Prescription Medication

Prescription Medication

We offer detoxification from all classes of prescription medication, including but not limited to the opiate (painkillers), sedative (tranquilisers, sleeping tablets) and stimulant class (ADD medication). All of these have a significant potential for abuse. Research has also shown that antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics can cause serious harm to the brain, cognitive thought process, and the central nervous system. These medications have severe and long-lasting side effects, as well as protracted withdrawal symptoms.

Attempting to come off these drugs without professional help can be dangerous and difficult. Each client is evaluated on an individual basis to create a detoxification plan that makes the process as safe and as comfortable as possible. Although we primarily treat addiction at The Cedars, we also offer a detox program for people who may not have an addiction problem but have become physically dependent on these medications. Give yourself a chance to recover, whichever the case: chat to one of our counsellors for a pre-evaluation.

For some more information about the dangers of psychiatric drugs and withdrawal, please follow this link.

TEDMED Talks 2014: Elizabeth Kenney

In this 12-minute video, Elizabeth Kenney tells a compelling and frightening story of the dangers of psychiatric medication and their effects. More shocking is the ease in which she finds herself lost in the medical system, misdiagnosed and taking a toxic combination of prescription medication.