Multi-Disciplinary Approach

In line with best practice in the treatment of addiction, The Cedars use a multi-disciplinary approach, making sure that a range of skill sets are on offer to our clients. Our detoxification protocols are outsourced to our medical doctor and administered by our on-site nursing team. Not only do our clients benefit from a thorough 12-Step program but also a combination of various clinical models of psychotherapy on an individual and group basis.

This comprises one-on-one counselling, Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and cognitive and behavioural therapy either for the individual, the group, or both. Our clients become a part of our highly effective therapeutic community (TC) during their stay with us – a participative, in-patient, group-based treatment modality that has a good track record with treatment for substance abuse. Every client gets the individual help that they need.

Our staff complement includes our dynamic team of internationally accredited addiction counsellors, each with their own journey in recovery, our social worker, medical doctor, clinical supervisor, and a psychiatric nurse. Our cooking team takes care to prepare a dietician-approved menu each day and our personal trainer and yoga instructors run aerobics and yoga sessions twice a week. Every facet of our approach is recovery orientated.

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