Our Approach

Founded in 2003, the founding philosophy of The Cedars was to provide a place where any person suffering from substance abuse and the associated difficulties could be introduced to a solution to addiction that really works – the same solution that had given the founders of The Cedars – Keith Wilkes and Julia Coleman – a life of purpose and recovery, out on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

The treatment centre has evolved considerably since then and comprises a small, knowledgeable team of internationally accredited counselling staff, a nursing team (including a psychiatric nurse), on-site social worker and a medical doctor that specialises in addiction recovery. The Cedars are also compliant with all South African medical aids and fully registered with the Department of Social Welfare.

Although The Cedars have enjoyed tremendous growth in reputation and competency, it has always remained true to its original intention: a way out of the horrors of a life of substance abuse. Our treatment for addiction is not only effective but evident. Consider the lives of our counsellors who share a journey not only in addiction but in recovery too – living a collective recovery time of 75 years.


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