How To Find The Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers

When seeking help for yourself or a loved one in aid of treating substance abuse, it’s crucial to consider all options as everyone’s case is unique. With many treatment centres and programs available, it’s essential to ask a few questions before making the big decision of which one is best suited. Some of these possibilities include inpatient versus outpatient, long-term versus short-term and group versus private counselling – all of which can be somewhat overwhelming for someone trying to take that first step. So you ask, how do I figure out which one to choose? Asking these important questions below will help lead you toward the right solution.

What Is The Treatment Facility’s Ethos And Philosophy? 

It’s important as a prospective patient or someone helping a loved one, to decide what recovery means to you. Every treatment centre has a philosophy on treating addiction with many of these adhering to the classic 12 step approach while others make use of scientific or medical methods to achieve sobriety as the end goal. By doing some research and discussing these options while understanding what you would like to get out of a program, you can make your way toward the right decision for you with more ease.

How Long Is The Rehabilitation Program?  

Because addictions come with several intensity levels, addicts require treatment programs in varying lengths. The length of these programs is usually determined by how deep down the rabbit hole the prospective patient is. For many who have abused substances for a long time, it’s normal for a long road of treatment to be recommended. Professionals advise that a minimum of 90 days is required to break a habit and achieve success. However, some individuals don’t require long-term treatment and therefore they can consider short-term counselling sessions or meetings. You need to ask yourself what sobriety means for you or your loved one and if a progressive approach is more suitable.

What Is The Ratio Of Staff To Patient?  

To receive thorough and focused care, you need to ensure that the centre you’re considering has an appropriate staff to patient ratio. If not, staff may be spread thin and the attention may not be as intensive as it needs to be. As each patient’s addiction is unique, they each require the special attention they deserve to get back to living a healthy life.

We have mentioned a handful of questions that you should be asking yourself when choosing the best rehabilitation centre for drug abuse. It’s also important to ensure that the environment you choose adheres to the highest levels of safety and has a positive feeling upon entry. Here at The Cedars, we can provide the support and treatment program you may need so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information with regards to what we can offer you or your loved one.

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