For Families and Friends

For Families & Friends

Our Family Workshop takes place at The Cedars on the first Sunday of every month starting at 10 am. It’s run by one of our counsellors and it’s a highly recommended experience for family members. The Workshop consists of information about the 12 Steps and The Cedars program and why it works. Family members are also encouraged to ask any questions they may have about the recovery process.

The first 7 days of treatment is the detox and orientation phase – therefore no telephonic contact nor visitation will be allowed with your loved one. After this initial phase, clients will be able to make and receive calls on Thursday from 5 pm and Sundays from midday. If you’d like to enquire after your loved one, please contact The Cedars on 039 974 0119 and chat to their assigned counsellor.

Visitors are permitted every Sunday between 12-4 pm after the client’s first 7 days in treatment. You are permitted to bring a picnic, use the braais and visit your loved one in the beautiful Cedars estate. Please note that all visits need to be arranged beforehand with the client’s counsellor. Any visitor that may be deemed a risk to The Cedars facility or its clients may be asked to vacate the premises.

What families need to know:

Addiction is a family illness in that it has the power to affect every member of the addict’s family, friendship and professional circle. Over time, family members begin to doubt their own sanity, reasoning with, pleading with, attempting to control and fix the addict. As this happens, children, spouses, and partners begin to feel worn down by the addict, torn between feelings of love, frustration, anger, and fear.

The Cedars offer a monthly family workshop to engage on these issues and during the course of treatment, offers support to family members on an ongoing basis. We also help you to understand where your responsibility towards the addict begins and ends and how to apply those boundaries once the patient leaves treatment.

Many family members carry guilt around the fact that their loved one abuses substances. These feelings can be very destructive. We strongly recommend that you pursue your own program of healing through the fellowships of Al-Anon and Nar-Anon or sign up for family counselling with our external family counsellor at your own cost. Please chat to your loved one’s counsellor to find out more details.

Support for Family Members:

Addiction Counselling and Referral Agency
062 019 7956

Al-Anon 24-Hour Helpline
0861 25 26 66

088 129 6791