A story of lasting change – Brad W

At The Cedars, we teach our patients a program which we believe is a catalyst for long lasting behavioural change. Read below to read Brad W’s testimonial and learn how he went from hopeless, lonely and broken, to hopeful, committed and grateful. 

Brad W – ‘Today, I am free.’ 

What it was like 

My treatment experience at The Cedars was like no other. Before I was admitted to Cedars, my life was painful. I was lonely, broken, and not to be trusted. I believed that everyone around me was the problem and I was bound to die.

For the 16 years that I had been using drugs, I took anything that could change the way I felt. I always thought that I could stop using whenever I wanted to, and that I always had the power of choice in that regard. When I got to Cedars, I had to adapt to the understanding that drugs were not my problem but were in fact my solution.

It turned out that I was the problem. I needed a solution. A solution that was more effective than just saying no and trying to control the amounts that I used. At The Cedars, I was introduced to the 12 steps. 

What happened 

What helped me in understanding the steps, was the knowledge of The Cedars staff. All of them were fully committed to a certain way of living their own lives. I realised I wanted that for myself. Not only were they inspiring me through their own journey of addiction and recovery, but they were living proof that embracing the 12 step way of life was the best way to be happy.

I practice what I was taught at The Cedars. I attend meetings, have a sponsor, I sponsor other people in recovery and continue to apply the principles of the 12 steps to my life.

The Cedars facility itself was amazing. The big beautiful tranquil gardens, great food and caring staff led to an overall life-changing experience. I learnt that helping out and assisting with chores such as cleaning up, folding my clothes, washing dishes, and maintaining my hygiene would be a reflection of how I would live my life outside of treatment.

When I arrived, it was suggested that I should ‘ask’, ‘listen’ and ‘do as I’m told’, these principles that keep me teachable in life today. 

What it’s like now 

Today I am free. I am living a manageable clean life. I am married and have a great relationship with my daughter and family that I nearly lost prior to going to Cedars. 

Today I am 5 years and 7 months clean. 

Going to Cedars is a decision that to this day I am so grateful for. 

Our doors are open 7 days a week. We have two rehabilitation facilities based in KZN, on the South Coast and in the Midlands. We are open during lockdown and accepting new patients during these unprecedented times. We are also available to assist with transporting you or your loved one into our facilities. Get in touch with us today or let us call you and we can discuss the possibilities further. 


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